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You're website is an investment and like any asset it should be looked after and kept secure.

It can and should become the focal point of your online marketing. Capitalise on its potential and it will become your most cost effective marketing tool. 

And you're not alone we're are here to support you. 

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Digital Strategy

Have a plan to succeed.

Having strategies for your business is vital and no doubt you will have them in place. With the power, reach and immediacy of the internet it's important to have a digital strategy in place too.

We offer a free consultation session to help you put a plan in place.

Get in touch to arrange a chat.

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Keep everthing running smoothly.

A website is an investment that can be central to your business needs. For some it is a business critical system. Don't waste that investment but keep it well maintained and working hard for your business.

OwlTree has a suite of maintenance packages that can be tailored to your individual requirements from simple content updates right through to us doing everything - you choose:

Content Updating  |  Backup Options  |  Site Statistics  |  Security Reviews  |  User Support  |  System and Plugin Updates

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A home for your website.

Your website should always be available and be able to cope with the demands that are placed on it. OwlTree offers top of the line hosting services. They are scalable to meet your business's changing requirements and are provided by a Zen - one of the best providers in the UK.

Whatever your requirements we have a solution.

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Security Reviews

Keep everything safe.

It never seems to be out of the news, large corporation and public bodies being the target of hackers. But they are just the tip of the iceberg. No matter how small your business it will be a target. It could be using your server to send spam emails, defacing your website, denial of service; the list goes on.

If you have ever experienced a hacked website then you'll know the damage that can be done. Avoid:

Lost revenue  |  Rebuild costs  |  Damage to your reputation

No website can ever be made 100% secure but there are things that that can be done to encourage hackers to move on to easier targets.

Our primary security review is aimed at WordPress websites. The reason: it's the most hacked system. This is mainly due to it's popularity but there are things that can be done to make it harder for would-be hackers.

We will complete a thorough review of your website, and provide a detailed report of what has been done along with suggestions for enhancements.

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