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Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

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Your Marketing Strategy for 2020

January is a month for many people to start fresh. It’s a time for planning and looking forward and business is no different. So, if you’re thinking about strategies for your business then read on as this month we’re discussing an overall marketing strategy for your business. The importance of promoting and marketing your business especially in relation to your online activities can’t be stressed enough. Marketing is essential for any business.

You’re focussed on the success of your business so your marketing is driving in the same direction? It’s natural to assume this but often the reality doesn’t match. Having a strategy will help.

There’s a line in the film Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner, “Build it and they will come.” It refers to the ghostly voices heard by an Iowa farmer asking him to build a baseball pitch in his cornfield. Luckily for the farmer, he built it and they came. It’s a pity the same isn’t true in business. Build it and they won’t come unless you tell everyone about it.

Companies like Kellogg’s and Coca Cola market themselves in a huge way. But why, surely they’re so well known that they don’t need to? They obviously don’t think so. If they sat back on their laurels others, who did market themselves, would replace them in people’s minds.  Marketing is what keeps them in number one spot.

Before you start on your next campaign to build business or develop a new website complete this checklist. If you can’t give solid answers then you probably need to give your project more thought otherwise you might waste time and money.

Who is your target market?

You can’t target everyone so be specific with who you are aiming for.

Brand development or sales promotion?

For a given piece of marketing is the objective to develop brand awareness or to generate leads?

How will you reach them?

Based on your target market’s profile, what is the best way to communicate with them?

Plan your offer

Why should they buy from you as opposed to one of your competitors?

What does your target market want?

Do they want what you offer and what benefit will it bring?

What will stop your target market from buying?

How do you overcome that?

When will they buy?

Most people will buy later, what can you do to speed it up?

Will they spread the good word?

Be sure to make them feel good about buying from you.

Have you got the budget?

Calculate the costs of the campaign and compare to your projected extra business. Is it viable?

Message consistency

If a potential customer is confused by your marketing, they will be less confident about doing business with you.

Develop a documented marketing strategy

Using the information you obtained from above develop a detailed strategy that pulls all the different components together. Detail how you will implement this strategy.

Stick at it

It’s easy to let marketing slip.The results can take weeks or months to materialise.

Set goals, review your strategy and be flexible

Set yourself objectives and monitor the results. Then review the strategy and leverage the most you can from what works well. Keep a look out for new marketing opportunities. It’s OK to sometimes do less marketing and at other times have a real push but the important thing is to have a plan that allows flexibility.

If you need help with a web project or digital strategy for your business then please get in touch. We’d be delighted to help you.

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