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Website Content Ideas - Part 2

8 July 2019

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Content is King

“Content is king”, is a phrase that’s long been associated with the Internet. Although the way we consume content continues to change, this phrase still holds true. After all, when you go online, what are you looking for? So, continuing last month’s article we’ll look at some more content ideas to give you some inspiration on what you can add to your business’s website.


Quizzes are a fun, interactive way to engage with your potential customers. They offer great user participation. When thinking of content for your quizzes try to choose a focused route to explore a particular topic. Make the quiz short, easy and include some call to actions.

Presentations Creating PowerPoint or slide presentations to share with your audience is a great cost effective way to use content that you may have prepared for other uses. Offer a means of interaction and allow users to click through your slides on your website. Also, offer a downloadable version in PDF format, for example.


Podcasts are seeing a resurgence in popularity – just look at the BBC website. Be sure to produce them on a predictably regular basis. They can include discussions, interviews, or even just extended monologues. Get creative or you will lose the listeners’ attention. Use a voice that’s consistent each time with no unintended background noises and use decent recording equipment.

Case Studies

Case studies sit on the border lines between content marketing, advertising and even sales aides. They should be focussed and demonstrate solutions to real life cases. Include what the problem was, how you solved the problem and how that has changed the client’s “problem” for the better.

Resource Lists

A resource list connects your visitors to assets and outside help that can assist them. Include offline resources as well as online resources.

Staff Highlights

People love to see people far more than they want to see corporate brands. Consider putting the spotlight on individual team members who make up your business, especially if you’re a small business. Maybe use an interview format to make it more personal. It will showcase your brand’s personality and attract more personable clients.


A frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on your website serves as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. It can be used by your current customers or by visitors who are almost ready to buy. The key - be as thorough as you can.

Guest Posts

Having guest posts on your website can be a great option. If you manage to secure a well known industry expert the extra kudos you’ll gain will be significant. Many bloggers are interested in guest posting opportunities so reach out on social media and ask for submissions. It will take time and effort to get what you’re looking for but it could be well worth your while.

Survey Results

Surveys are great at collecting meaningful information on audiences, perceived problems or about a particular industry. Devise quantitative and qualitative questions and ask your audience to get involved. Collate the results and form useful conclusions. Present both the raw data and your personal conclusions.

Product reviews

You can review products so long as they are relevant to your brand. Indeed, some people have based their entire career on writing reviews. Keep them relevant to what you use in your industry or what your audience is using. Make sure you disclose any compensation you may or may not have received.


Have you ever attended a presentation that’s included an interesting story? If you have, then I’ll take a bet that you will have found it more memorable. Stories are a natural attraction for humans. We pay more attention and retain more information when facts or ideas are presented in a story format. Follow the basic rules and have a beginning, a middle and an ending. If you can, include a central character (even if it’s inanimate). Finally, use the story to present the facts in a different context.

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