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Website Content Ideas – Part 1

17 June 2019

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Website Content Ideas – Part 1

A statement we hear a lot at OwlTree from clients is, “I’m struggling with content ideas for my website”, closely followed by the question, “Can you help?”. It’s in OwlTree’s nature to be supportive so the answer is always yes.

This got us thinking, there will be many businesses that struggle with this issue and the ones that will probably struggle the most will be the smaller ones. So, we thought we would write a couple of articles and share our ideas.

First a little background. It’s a cliché but your website is your online shop window and it’s the primary place online where you can showcase your expertise and your individuality. You’ve already paid for a lovely website with the ability to add content whenever you want. It won’t cost you a penny to add content new, so what’s stopping you? Probably ideas. There are literally dozens of things you can do, so without further ado let’s start with the first 10.


This is an amalgamation of a list and an article. The idea; take a concept and turn it into a numbered list. It instantly becomes more attention grabbing and shows conciseness that’s appealing to users, plus it serves as a tease that piques interest.


Checklists are pretty straightforward too, although they tend to have a more practical side than listicles. You create a rundown of requirements for a task that users can use. Make the checklist interactive by including check boxes and making them printable. Interactivity makes any content better.

How to Guides

Understanding your product or service is second nature to you but others won’t necessarily have the same knowledge. Be specific and be helpful, include images or drawings and you’ll stand out.

Tips and tricks

“Tips and tricks” articles are all about providing helpful titbits to readers in an effort to make their lives easier. Give your users bite sized pieces of useful information. This whole concept has become known as “life hacks”. So use the “hack” terminology to catch grab attention.

Best Practices

You may also want to publish best practices, which outline some big picture procedures for a given subject. The trick with this type of content is to make the topic more specific, maybe one section of a larger topic. This then gives you the scope to publish a series of articles.

Buying Guides

Buying guides have numerous advantages as a content type. The intention is to help users make an educated decision when buying a certain product. Cover general descriptions but also include into top considerations. Let users know what factors are most important. This is great if you sell products on your website.

Opinion Pieces

Find a topic that matters to your audience, formulate an opinion and write about it. However, to be successful, your opinion should be strong and well researched.

Industry News

Become an industry authority by posting your thoughts about the latest news in your industry. Represent the facts in your own words followed up with your own reactions and opinions. This is great reputation building.

Local News

If you’re a local business there are some great reasons to capitalise on local news. You’ll gain more relevance in the area and you’ll connect better with the people there.


Use timelines as an interactive, visual way to portray the history of your business. This is really effective if your business has been around for a long time so include major events that helped shape your business. You can also use timelines to project into the future, showcasing you plans and vision.

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