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Understanding the Different Types of Internet Browsers

21 July 2021

An internet browser is a piece of software that allows users to view webpages on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone device. They are highly advanced and incredibly intricate which is why it is important to ensure that your website is designed with them in mind, particularly if you are actively investing in marketing efforts like SEO or PPC. Read on as we go over three well-known internet browsers in more detail...

Google Chrome
As the most popular browser on the internet, Google Chrome was released in 2008 and accounts for around 64% of the global internet browser market share. It is often thought that the sudden spike in popularity at the end of the 2000’s is the result of reliable performance, sleek design and in-depth security features that have drawn users away from competitors like Firefox. 


Internet Explorer
It doesn’t take much to understand why Internet Explorer is often thought of as the underdog of the internet browser world. After all, it has always been quite far behind the competition and doesn’t have much to offer users in terms of speed and performance as the browser is known for its lack of user optimisations. Typically, users will use this browser in order to get their hands on a more reliable competitor like Chrome or Firefox. 

Mozilla Firefox
Ever since Google Chrome took centre stage, Mozilla Firefox has seen a steady decline in global internet browser market shares, and recent statistics tell us that the browser accounts for just 3.59% as of April 2021. Despite this, Mozilla Firefox is considered to be a reliable and sleek browser that offers a lot of similar features to Google Chrome apart from a privacy guarantee and backing from big companies. 


The type of browser that a user is using to view your website may not seem like it should be as important as it is, however there are a lot of factors to consider. After all, certain features may not be as responsive on the Opera browser as they are on Google Chrome which may affect your interactions and conversions. Using our research led approach, the Owl Tree team can put together a web design that takes your business and it’s audience into consideration from the outset.


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