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The Power of Mobile Optimisation

29 March 2021

Mobile phone with the word Hello on the screen.


There are a multitude of different ways to get your website user ready and ensure that your business has the best possible chance for success. From a marketing perspective, even the most articulate web development approach won’t be able to save a website with a poor marketing strategy, and one of the most overlooked aspects is the role that mobile optimisation can play in the visibility and domain authority of your site. Read on as we explain why it may be in your best interest to invest time and money into smartphone compatibility…

Did you know that over half of the online traffic that search engines like Google receive each year can be traced back to mobile devices? This is a drastic difference to the way the internet operated a mere decade ago where results were dominated by unethical marketers using black-hat methods for their own gain. Nowadays, it is all about appeasing the algorithms in the hope of landing that sweet, sweet top spot in the SERPs.

We wouldn’t blame you for focusing all your previous efforts on web development and the aesthetic design that is presented to visitors. After all, first impressions really do matter! With this said, it is time to get the marketing ball rolling as mobile-focused browsing is expected to turn the tide over the next few years. Mobile optimisation is a technique used within marketing approaches like SEO in order to ensure that a website performs faultlessly on smartphone devices and is designed with them in mind. For example, you should pay attention to how responsive the design of your site is, the frequency of pop-up advertisements and, as always, the quality of any content that is uploaded.

Mobile Friendly

In fact, you could argue that mobile optimisation and web design interlink with one another on one level as a webpage that is displayed on a mobile device must be designed with a mobile friendly layout. This means that smartphone compatibility often involves tweaking your desktop display in order to suit the dimensions of a smaller and more compact mobile phone screen.

Here at OwlTree, we specialise in all things website-focused in order to bring you individual solutions that are as unique as your business. Mobile optimisation plays a crucial role in digital marketing because the search engine’s have recognised the growing trend regarding mobile browsing.

For the best web design Bolton has to offer, get in contact with a member of the OwlTree team and ask how mobile compatibility may assist your marketing efforts today.