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The Disadvantages of Website Templates

12 July 2021

A website is a must-have aspect of business in 2021 and there is a lot of competition to present the best version of yourself and your company online. Remember, your business is only limited by your imagination and the OwTree team believe that there is no room for overused website templates. After all, if you look close enough then you may notice that the majority of your competitors are doing the exact same thing. A lackluster website template may cause your site to get lost in the crowd and can actually have an impact on performance and marketing. Read on as we go over some of the disadvantages of using website templates...


Templates have messy coding that can affect SEO

The way that you, as a business owner, will interact with a template is a lot simpler than viewing the finished design from a coding point of view. After all, the majority of templates have code that is difficult to follow and can be incredibly messy to organise. Although this may not seem like an aesthetical issue because the user does not see the code, it can be a nightmare from an SEO perspective. After all, the search engine uses this information to rank your website and messy coding can make it harder for technicians to make changes throughout a campaign.


There are restrictions on design and web development

As the name suggests, a website template is designed to be used in a specific way and there are limitations on the way that you can individualise your website. As time goes on, you may find that it is difficult to restyle the template in order to adhere to any branding changes and a template can also place restrictions on web development features like eCommerce and web applications too. 

Some templates aren’t compatible with certain browsers

If you’re serious about opting for the easy route then it may save you a headache or two to look into the different types of internet browsers that a website template is compatible with. This is because many templates are designed with a specific browser in mind, such as Google, and viewing it on a different browser like Safari may affect certain components. Instead of viewing the website you designed, Safari users, for example, could be greeted with something completely different. 

The intricacies of web design and web development are often overlooked in favour of fast results. Sure, a website template will allow you to put together what may look like a fully functioning website at first glance, however they often lack key features and aren’t nearly as responsive. Here at OwlTree, we use a consultative and research led approach to design a bespoke website that is tailored specifically to your business. Get in contact to find out more information today!

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