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Reasons to Incorporate an Intranet System Into Your Website

26 February 2021

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Digital World

In the digital world that we currently live in, it is not uncommon for a lot of business owners to be sceptical about strategies and software that have been up and running for many decades. After all, a lot of early online features from the mid-90’s have evolved into a version of themselves that are hardly recognisable in 2021, including search engines themselves. It is often said that intranets have changed the way that businesses cooperate with one another, but why do they remain such a favourable tool? Read on as the OwlTree team discuss at length why you should consider an investment in an intranet system...

What is an intranet system?

Many people like to think of an intranet system as a private extension of the internet that is confined to one single company or organisation. Effectively, they allow a business to build a secure network that can be accessed solely by employees for both internal and external resources, and their main intention is to improve communication and collaboration within a corporation or enterprise

Intranet vs Internet

Although they may be similar in spelling and pronunciation, an intranet system is quite different from the internet. In fact, the difference is a lot easier to understand than you may expect as the internet is simply a public network that is not owned by an organisation whereas an intranet system is privately owned and cannot be accessed by anybody and everybody.

What are the benefits of an intranet system?

As technology continues to advance and new methods of establishing communication within businesses pop up left, right and centre, there is a growing concern that intranet systems may one day be considered a dusty relic of the past. With this said, they offer both large, corporate businesses and small set-ups an ever-expanding range of benefits which is thought to be why they remain so popular today. Here are a few:

Collaboration: An intranet system makes data accessible throughout an organisation and this allows for easier teamwork between employees. This is particularly beneficial when coding in HTML, CSS or even Python as only one version will ever exist.

Democracy: It is thought that corporate culture is democratised with the use of an intranet system because the same information is made available to every employee. As a result, there is no risk of people getting their hands on data before others may do.

Time: Statistics suggest that a lot of time is wasted in business trying to track down relevant information. Data can be saved and accessed on an as needed basis with an intranet system and a lot of processes can also be expedited, which ultimately increases workplace productivity.

The decision to invest in an intranet system is not one that should be taken lightly as it is important to opt for quality and longevity. Here at OwlTree, we specialise in many aspects of web development, including intranet, in order to provide every client with a tailored digital strategy. For all your web design Bolton needs, get in contact with a member of the team today!