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The Importance of Professional Photography in Web Design

16 April 2017

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Tell Your Story

We recently started a web project for a client and they chose to use the services of a professional photographer to provide all the images for their new website. The design requires good images to tell their story and to make them completely unique. The client made a good call - the results speak for themselves.

It was a good call because the World Wide Web is a highly visual place and therefore needs high quality images to match. A great deal of consideration should be given to visitors to your website. What will grab their attention? What will leave them with the very best impression of your business or organisation? 

Using a professional photographer is a must if you want your business to look professional and unique.

Photography is powerful

Photography has the power to achieve such positive outcomes as professional photographs can be 100% original and therefore provide you with complete exclusivity. Photos aren't just great for completing a design; they also make great content, especially when they are paired with text or audio.

Photography works

Photography works in web design because visitors to your website want to see something they can relate to. But, it is crucial that the photography is top quality; there is no point using images with bad composition or lighting or where there are random objects in the frame.

Photography online can be undervalued

The value of good photographs can sometimes be underestimated. This is probably because we see them everyday in the vast range of media that we all consume - newspapers, magazines, billboards, books, and of course websites. It is all too easy to take them for granted; to forget that a photographer spent time laying out and shooting the frame, and a designer spent time conveying that image into a message.

Photography makes good design, great

In websites, the selection and use of photography in design means everything; it can help to set the tone and mood of an entire business. It has to be right as a website is the main public face of many businesses and organisations. The photography used should be relevant and make sense to the end user. It must complement and accentuate the design, whilst not confusing the intended message or the person looking at it. It is imperative that photos are eye catching for all the right reasons. The right photos can take a good design, and make it great.

If you need help with photography for your next project then please get in touch for a free consultation.