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Planning Your Business Social Media Strategy for 2019

12 November 2018

Photo of a pad with Social Media planning notes written on it like a mind map.

Planning Your Business Social Media Strategy for 2019

Social media has become one of the best tools out there for digital marketing. It is the perfect way to increase the visibility of your company and gain a loyal fan base of followers and customers.

Statistics show that those who document their goals are 30 times more successful than those with no written plan. Being fully invested in your social media strategy can create opportunities to break into new customer bases and increase sales and turnover.

When it comes to planning out a social media strategy for your business, where do you start? Here are some points to consider when planning your strategy for the coming year.

Defining your audience and potential customer base

It is critical to know your audience before choosing the right social media platforms for your business and writing appropriate content to engage with them. If you don’t know who your potential customers are, then how will you be able to engage with them and put your services in front of them? Defining who your customers are and researching where they are likely to engage with you is an essential part of planning your strategy.

Choosing the right platforms for your business

Once you have defined your audience, you need to consider which platforms will work best for your business. Although you may feel you want to be present on all platforms, for small business owners this can be extremely time consuming, costly and overwhelming when trying to keep all of them updated with fresh and engaging content. It is better to choose the platforms where a high percentage of your target audience frequent, than trying to engage with mass market. If you are a small business who primarily sells to other businesses (B2B) then LinkedIn would be a great place for you start in order to form connections with other business professionals. If you sell primarily to the consumer market (B2C) then Facebook and Instagram may be your priority, especially if your products or services are visual, for example, beauty or fashion based.

Setting goals that solve your biggest challenges

Setting achievable goals means you are more likely to stick to your plan and continue to take on new challenges over the coming months. Don’t overcomplicate things with too many targets and objectives. Your goals may be planned around breaking into new sectors or geographical areas, increasing brand awareness, return on income or higher quality sales. You should also consider researching how well your competitors are performing. Analysing your competitors can generate opportunities for your own brand to make improvements.

Social media content

Creating content that reflects your brands personality and identity is key. Your content should be relevant to your audience and not overly promotional. Your followers want to feel your content adds value to them personally or their business.

Thinking about putting together photos, videos and graphics is always a good idea when planning for the coming year. Social media video content has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. Between 2016 and 2017 video content increased 258% on Facebook and around 100 million hours of video are watched every day. You can also reach users through Instagram stories and Facebook live, providing your followers with real-time media updates.

Auditing and tracking results

Once your plan is in place, it is essential to keep tracking progress towards achieving your goals. You can take lessons learned from your audits to produce more of what works the best. Review your strategy monthly and track your progress through engagement, followers, responses, sales and income. This will enable you to set new challenges and see your business thrive!

If you’re looking for help with planning your social media strategy for 2019 then please get in touch – we’d be delighted to help.