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Looking After Your Brand

12 August 2019

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Looking After Your Brand

What would you say is your most valuable business asset?

How about your brand? Given that it’s so important, what do you do to look after and nurture it?

Whether you’re a multi-national or a sole trader your business has a brand that customers identify with your business. Like it or not when people see your brand on advertising, on your website or on your vehicles for example they will immediately have an impression or opinion. Impressions could range from “what a great business they are” to “I must have a look at that company” right through to “I’ll never use them again”.

With the reach of the Internet and social media it can be easy to forget your brand and even damage it. With this in mind here are some areas to watch out for to help you look after your brand.

A brand is not just a logo

Your brand is much more than just a logo; it should be part of every aspect of your business. It is essential that your logo is included whenever you communicate with the external world. It should also be included in your internal communications too.

Know your audience

Do you really know your audience and your market? Collect data, look for patterns and profiles and use it to develop your strategies. Remember data is not restricted to your Google Analytics account, try talking to your customers as well.

Inconsistent message

The image you portray on your website, your social media accounts, your print and written communications must all match. Your brand holds them all together. If they are inconsistent then the effectiveness of your marketing will suffer. Keep it consistent.

No clear social media strategy

You should be promoting your brand within all your social media posts. With the right strategy you can make your brand shine.

Poor customer experiences

Giving poor service will, without doubt, damage your brand. Bad experiences can spread very quickly on the web so deal with any negative reviews quickly. However, be sure to take the problem offline in order to solve the issue. Given that 85% of potential customers will check your website before making contact, a slow, badly constructed website will adversely affect the reputation of your brand and will only serve to drive business to your competition.

Culture and values

What is the vision for your brand? What values does your business hold dear and does your brand image mirror these?


As a business owner, you no doubt work hard to maintain the image of your brand but do your staff do the same? Staff can help to either build your brand or destroy it. Even something as simple as bad driving by a staff member in a branded vehicle can have a negative impact.

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