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How to Improve the Content on Your Website

23 June 2021

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Is your content setting you back?

There are many different aspects to consider when it comes to online marketing, however content will always be the cream of the crop and a well-managed content strategy is essential to the success of any campaign. The OwlTree team believes that your website is your shop window and that it should become the focal point of your digital marketing efforts. With this said, poor-quality content can be a real setback. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when it comes to crafting brand-new or refining existing content on your website...

Is your content relevant to the services on offer?

From a marketing perspective, the search engine wants to know that your content reflects the services that your website is offering. As such, it is important to stay on topic. The biggest mistake that you can make is uploading irrelevant content to your website in order to fill the gaps and create pages as this may be classed as spam and can counteract the hard work of marketing technicians. Whether it be blogs, articles or page content, there should always be a link to your specific industry during the copywriting process.

How legible is your content to the user?

Remember, the search engine isn’t the only one reading the content on your website. In fact, there’s now a substantial awareness surrounding the importance of user experience and the role it plays in the ranking process. This ultimately means that online content needs to be legible to the reader and written with a real human being in mind as in the past many copywriters would write for the search engine instead. There are many marketing benefits to optimising the writing style of your content for a real reader as it makes it easier for the user to engage with it whilst also telling the search engine that you are a service that they can trust.

Can you confidently say that your content is original?

Plagiarism is rife amongst the internet as select content writers simply choose to rewrite existing articles in their own words and pass it off as their own. For the optimum marketing experience, it is crucial that all the content on your website is as original and as unique as possible as this gives the search engine something new to read. Duplicated content is unethical because it steals someone else's hard work and makes it hard for the search engine to ascertain which one came first, meaning that both websites may be penalised. Whilst there will be phrases and quotes that flag up, it is important to ensure that your content is as original as possible otherwise.

When it comes to content, there’s very little room for error. After all, the search engine will flag up unethical approaches in an instant and content that the user cannot engage with isn’t going to win you any favours either.

Here at OwlTree, we recognise that web design Bolton is more than aesthetics as even a fully responsive website cannot save lacklustre content. As part of our marketing consultancy services, we can write copy from scratch and even refine existing content.

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