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Five Tips To Make Your Business More Profitable


Five top tips to make your business more profitable


As a business owner, making your business more profitable will no doubt be one of your top priorities but with all the demands that you face all day, every day are you succeeding as much as you would like? It’s a challenge running a business so this month I offer you my five top tips.

1.Make use of the internet

All your potential customers are online somewhere and your opportunity to talk to them is via social media and your website. Investigate where your target audience go and make sure you’re swimming in the same ponds. Have a real presence by getting involved and talking to your potential clients.

2.Get things done

Successful people are masters at getting things done. Do you remember the saying “ if you want something finished ask a busy person”? It’s common for people to be busy getting busy but not actually doing very much. How often have you procrastinated, worried and got distracted? Set objectives and deadlines and get the job finished.

3.Stay focussed and productive

Meetings and committees can really bog you down – don’t hold them unless they are to be decisive. There is no need to respond to everything so learn to ignore the dozens of unimportant emails that you receive each day.

4.Recycle your efforts

Whenever you put effort into something think how you could make use of it again. For example, if you do a talk record it and release it as a video or podcast. Whatever it is just make it versatile.


Don’t try to do everything yourself as it can really stall growth. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it – your time may be better spent on something different. Make your time more profitable by doing what you’re good at and allow others’ expertise to push you forward.

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