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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Fancy Web Design

19 May 2021

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Stand Out

As you may already know, a dominant internet presence is essential to the success of any modern day business and the implementation of online marketing practices like SEO and PPC have increased immensely in recent years as a result. Here at Owl Tree, we firmly believe that a good web design is far more effective than a fancy web design and focusing too much on a flashy brand is a common pitfall that can ultimately affect the traffic that your website receives. Read on as we explain how our research led approach to web design can help you avoid falling into the trap of over designing your website…


It’s all well and good creating a website that looks aesthetically pleasing, but it needs to function to the same high standard as well. A common mistake that many people make is spending all their time and energy on overtly fancy web design that is made explicitly with desktop browsing in mind. Experts state that more and more users will start to browse the web using a smartphone device as the years go on so it is crucial that web design is mobile-friendly too. Otherwise, you may end up losing out on promising sales due to an unreliable and unresponsive website interface. 


Your brand represents the image and value of your business and should be at the forefront of every company decision, particularly when it comes to the design of your website. We recommend that you resist the urge to opt for a cheap and easy online logo making service or free-for-use artwork as this can reduce the authenticity of your website and may even affect your brand. Here at OwlTree, our graphic designs can provide the perfect solution to deliver the right message to each and every visitor.

User Experience

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we want to emphasise that a fancy website design isn’t evidence of a high quality business nor does it mean that your site will provide a seamless browsing experience for visitors. Sure, an articulate colour scheme and image/video imbeds will stand out amongst the crowd, but neglecting user experience is a frequent pitfall that can be devastating to your conversation rate. After all, a website should always be designed with the user in mind. 

Remember, the design of your website is not the only aspect of your branding that will keep visitors engaged and it is crucial that you don’t neglect on page optimisation factors that will deliver a seamless browsing experience. Here at OwlTree, our web design Bolton service places emphasis on all aspects in order to build a brand that your customers will love.

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