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3 Aspects of Branding to Keep in Mind

4 February 2021

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Brand Strategy

For many years branding was something that only had to be extended to a business’ local area, however the boat was rocked when the internet came along and it was suddenly necessary to appeal to a much wider audience and make use of a website – a feature of technology that was only understood by very few at the time! Nowadays, every business has a website yet only a handful choose to implement a branding strategy. In this blog, we’ve decided to go over 3 branding aspects that lay the foundation for the future within web development...


Take some of the biggest companies in the world as an example - McDonald’s, Nike, Apple or even Pepsi - they all have something in common that the consumer is able to identify them by: a logo. In fact, you could even go so far to say that a logo is an essential part of branding because we don’t even need to see the written name of these businesses anymore as everybody knows that the signature Swoosh is indicative of the Nike brand. The most successful brands are simple so avoid using too many words and try to opt for designs that utilise images that potential customers can easily recall.

Colour Scheme

We all love a splash of colour from time to time, but too much can be overwhelming and may actually be the reason why you miss out on potential customers. A business should have a clear colour scheme in place that can be used across the board and implemented into the design of a website, company business cards and within advertisements. After all, yellow/gold and red are two colours synonymous with the McDonald’s brand. A great marketing plan should understand the impact that colour plays in web design and develop a strategy to only use it with intention.

Mobile Optimisation

There is no denying the power that smartphones now have as it is thought that over 50% of people browse the web on a mobile device - and this figure only continues to increase. Although branding usually serves to help a company become easily recognisable, it can be in your best interest to make website visibility a priority and pay attention to mobile optimisation. After all, the majority of businesses redirect the audience to their website but if your site cannot be navigated with ease on a mobile device then you could be missing out on some pretty important clients, and even a well-developed brand can’t fix this problem.

A business that doesn’t have an online presence in the 21st century will have a hard time finding new customers due to the important role that technology now plays in our lives. After all, local awareness can only go so far. Branding works by allowing an audience to identify a service with ease and implementing branding strategies can help your website and its domain authority go from strength to strength.

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